•     15 Minute warmup exercises are a must before starting the main workout session
              each and every day.

  •     A minimum of 2 km. Jog every day will all the more help increase our physical

  •    Regular warm up exercises increase the body temperature and eventually help in 
             reducing the potential for injuries.

  •    The increase in the body temperature increases the flexibility of all body parts
             thus preparing us for the upcoming and more tough exercises.

  •    Regular exercise could prevent diabetes and heart diseases.

  •    Exercises help in keeping senility at bay.

  •    Exercises help in regularizing our sleeping habits.

  •    Free aerobic exercises help reducing anxiety and helps a lot in reducing

  •    Brisk walking burns up fat quickly and hence a 40 minute brisk walk helps a lot in
             reducing over weight.

  •    It is always better to start your physical exercise routine under the guidance of an
             expert trainer in the beginning.

  •    let your trainer know your requirements precisely so that he can help plan your
             training schedule.

  •    Intake of sufficient water with sufficient gaps between each intake is a must. 

  •    It takes more time to digest non-vegetarian food & increased usage of non-
             vegetarian food could increase acidity.

  •    People who decide to take body building as a career must give a lot of time to
             work out sessions at the least with 6 hrs/ day and  with a minimum of 1 hr gap
             between every 2 hr exercise schedule. They should give sufficient time for
             sound sleep with a minimum period of 8 -10 hrs.

  •    Any person who intends to keep himself/ herself fit should spend at about
             45mts - 1 hr for work out sessions. Above that, it depends on the interest of
             the person.

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